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When then Police Director General Panfilo M. Lacson assumed the top post of the Philippine National Police (PNP) in November of 2000, he brought with him, the idea of a private sector foundation created solely to help the PNP improve the quality of service it provides the public, through equipment upgrades, capability building and modernization efforts. 

PDG Lacson believed that financial and logistical support that would come from this foundation would be integral to genuine organizational improvement and development in the PNP.

So on 07 April 2000 PDG Lacson formally met with a group of civic-minded individuals to make his idea a reality.

The expression of support from various individuals and groups was very impressive that PDG Lacson immediately volunteered the Directorate for the Police Community Relations under then Police Director Victor G. Batac to serve as Transition Secretariat.

After a series of meetings and planning sessions, the PNPFI was finally incorporated on June 2000.

The incorporators are former Tarlac Congressman, Gilberto C. Teodoro, Jr., Antonio P. Gatmaitan, investment banker and political analyst, Prof. Ernesto P. Garilao, former Secretary of Agrarian Reform, Omar T. Cruz, Treasurer of Citibank, Rafael P. Dizon III, National President of the Philippine Jaycees, and Teresita Ang-See, founding president of Kaisa Pra sa Kaunlaran.


Almost immediately, the PNPFI and its beneficiary, the PNP, embarked on a joint nationwide campaign to reach out to prospective donors and supporters that culminated in the Formal Pledging Session on 28 June 2000 at the Fiesta Pavilion of the Manila Hotel.